Your Best Entertainment

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.

You spend money on food, decorations, cute little napkins with your names on them, and then you pay photographers and videographers to document it. Now, imagine spending months planning, thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars, and anticipation. Then, the day comes, and your music sucks. No one wants to dance, the energy is gone, and the sound is horrible.

Nightmare, right?

That’s where we come in: We don’t only provide a DJ service. Our entertainers are also trained, wedding coordinators. Our DJs are trained to run the entire reception from start to finish. Cole and Lauryn have worked in every aspect of the wedding industry, and we intimately know the needs of each type of vendor. We work every second we are at your wedding to make sure every need of every vendor is met. We coordinate between you and your wedding vendors, we ensure everyone is where they need to be, and if you have a problem with anything, let us handle it. What wedding DJ company does that?

Furthermore, you’ll love the energy we bring. Starting before anyone enters, we set the mood. With wireless uplighting and a carefully tailored and curated playlist, the room is ready for guests to enter. Once they do, the tempo and style will build throughout the prelude and cocktail hour, moving into the reception and building up to the crescendo, the Grand entrance. Once you enter, we handle all announcements and become friends with your guests, relaxing anxieties and bringing an energy to the room that only we could.

Finally, once we kick it over to dance, we party until the night is over. Our DJs are trained musically and taught to mix genre and tempo so that we can bring people together on the dance floor without them even realizing it. We’ll profile the crowd and play songs that will bring them back to their party years, and we’ll keep going until the end of the night.

The energy is high, your guests are exhausted, and you just had the best day of your life.

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