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Posted on: February 22, 2021 | Categories: Blog
Updated on: July 1, 2021
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Planning a party at home can be stressful. Kids hiding in their room while mom or dad are making last-minute mad dashes with the vacuum cleaner are well documented funny videos. Have you ever wondered how a Special Event caterer manages the meal service for multiple events? When you get down to the basics, it’s not all that different than planning for a small dinner party, it comes down to organization. Start with deciding on your menu and then from there, the list of potential equipment needs falls into place. Most of what we do nowadays is computer-based, but this old-school event packing list has a comprehensive inventory of items to consider when you are getting started.

Menu planning

Are you going to make your own meal, or will you need to order from Russo’s? While discussing event plans with our customers, we find that many go with a blended approach. Maybe you have a specialty entrée that you like to prepare, ordering the sides & salads from Russo’s affords you the time to focus on your entrée.

Need a little more time? Start your guests out with one of these easy-to-serve appetizer selections. We can deliver these items ready to serve on arrival or you can schedule in advance and heat & serve when you are ready.

How much Should I make?
  • Single Entrée – 6-8oz
  • Two Entrée’s = 3-4oz of each
  • Starch – 3-4oz
  • Vegetable – 3oz
  • Side Salad – 1-2oz lettuce + toppings

* Time Saver – if you have not yet purchased silicone pan liners for your home, make sure to get some before your next entertaining event.

Don’t forget the Sweet Stuff

Desserts are not everyone’s thing, but chances are you can please most with our assorted dessert selections.

Russo's Equipment Checklist