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Ordering Info

  • Cancellation Policy

    When a problem arises or a slight change is needed with your order, please call as early as possible. We may not be able to accommodate cancellation requests made less than one day’s notice.

  • Delivery

    Delivery is available Monday – Saturday, starting at 6:30am with the last delivery leaving at 5:00pm. Please allow a 30 minute window for all deliveries.

    Delivery Options

    Russo’s Gourmet Express was designed to be a self-service solution to catering. However, if the need arises to have additional service or assistance with your event, we do have the following options:

    • Setup of Buffet – Please call for Pricing
      (Includes delivery & setup)
    • Serving Attendant – Please call for Pricing
      (Includes delivery, setup chafing kits & attendant to replenish food)

    additional delivery charges may apply for locations outside of the St. Louis metropolitan area.

  • Paper Products & Equipment

    Staying consistent with our Go Green transition, Russo’s Gourmet Express only offers necessary paper products with our full menu options. These menus will be labeled “DP”. All other menus include napkins and necessary serving utensils. Paper products and disposable utensils are available at an additional cost.

    Green Products
    • 6.75″ Compostable Appetizer Plate – $0.20 each
    • 8.5 Compostable Dinner Plate – $0.30 each
    • Compostable Knife, Fork or Spoon – $0.15 each
    Regular Products
    • Disposable Fork, Knife or Spoon – $0.12 each
    • Wire Chafing Kit with Sterno – $15.00 each
    • Disposable Tablecloths 54″ x 120″ – $4.50 each
    • Serving Kit (4 Tongs, 2 Serving Spoons & 3 Teaspoons) – $5.00 each
  • Payment Options

    House accounts are available, please call to arrange credit. Our terms are net 30 days. Most major credit cards accepted.